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Diskussion:Corema MC-15

Under my machine i can clearly read "Made in Swiss - 50299". If 50299 is the serial number (why not?) it is in contrast with statement about the range of serial numbers.Celli 09:49, 22. Mag 2008 (IST)

Under my Corexa MC-15 there is "SWISS-MADE 20861" whereas my Corema portative only says "2646". I guess these are the serial numbers. J. Aperdannier 14:14, 14. Juni 2008 (MSZ)

OK. Then statement about range has to be modified. May be the true information is something like "Nummernlagen: 0-35.000 in years 1949-19??". Unfortunately i don't know "19??", then i will remove all. Celli 11:19, 28. Ago 2008 (IST)

Hello, i searched thoroughly Swiss patents and i found a Corema patent and 2 other patens, by Liang Cho Chi, descibing a machine similar to Corema: Patent:CH265242 and Patent:CH272863 Celli 15:58, 9. Set 2008 (IST)