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Pfeil.gif Patents  Pfeil.gif USA  Pfeil.gif 1993

Patente aus den USA 1993

  • Patent:US5189285 23.02.1993 Young, Jr., Fletcher D. : Calendar date finder
  • Patent:US5189800 02.03.1993 Morita, Shiro : Device for drawing elliptical curves
  • Patent:US5205747 27.04.1993 Tan, Daravuth (1821 Josey La., Apt. G, Carrollton, TX : Bead calculator educational toy
  • Patent:US5219289 15.06.1993 Derr, Patricia K. (1653 Bentana Way, Reston, VA 22090) : Mathematical teaching aid
  • Patent:US5273430 28.12.1993 Strychewski, Richard E. : Mathematical education game apparatus

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