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Pfeil.gif Patents  Pfeil.gif USA  Pfeil.gif 1994

Patente aus den USA 1994

  • Patent:US5281144 25.01.1994 Pease, Crystal R. : Math facts game apparatus
  • Patent:US5286953 15.02.1994 Marvonek, Michael F. (P.O. Box 232, Stafford Springs, CT : Carburetor jet selection tool
  • Patent:US5288234 22.02.1994 Hamzi, Houari (2 Rue De La Concorde, 92600 Asnieres sur : Device for composing and decomposing chords and scales
  • Patent:US5299806 05.04.1994 Fifer, Fred University of Texas : Educational device
  • Patent:US5310995 10.05.1994 Ouellet, Nelson (Mirabel, CA), Caouette, Robert (Mirabel, : Stairway calculator
  • Patent:US5334026 02.08.1994 Ylitalo, Howard (2500 Montgomery Ave. SW., Cokato, MN : Manual sliding calculator
  • Patent:US5348480 20.09.1994 Vickerman, Harold E. (3116 Joliet Ct., Mequon, WI 53092) : Statistical sampling apparatus
  • Patent:US5365068 15.11.1994 William H. Dickerson : Sun protection calculator and timer
  • Patent:US5370538 06.12.1994 Sidray, Fahim R. : Devices for transforming pictorial images in orthogonal dimensions

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