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Pfeil.gif Patents  Pfeil.gif USA  Pfeil.gif 1996

Patente aus den USA 1996

  • Patent:US5481093 02.01.1996 Rogerson, Zebulon W. (Vienna, VA) : Golf round timing device
  • Patent:US5517007 14.05.1996 Morgan, Oliver F. (San Jose, CA) : Three variable reference chart and calculator
  • Patent:US5524522 11.06.1996 Hesnan, John : Music Learning Aid
  • Patent:US5535659 16.07.1996 Spaude, Hans-Martin : Transposition rule for musical theory
  • Patent:US5546664 20.08.1996 Kuo, Ming-Shish : Compass able to draw any-size ellipses
  • Patent:US5569896 29.10.1996 Marcelo, Ruben V. (765 Bronx River Rd., Bronxville, NY : Method and apparatus for determining the exponential powers of i

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