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  • Patent:US2167827 01.08.1939 Clary, Hugh (P); Schwend Fred Clary (P) Multiplier Corp : Adding, subtracting, and multiplying machine
  • Patent:US2677499 04.05.1954 Robert E. BoydenClary, Hugh (P) Richard E. Eakin Robert D. Glennie Richard S. Mark Wharton A. Parson Clary (P) Multiplier Co. : Credit balance mechanism
  • Patent:US3151546 06.10.1964 Clary, Hugh (P) Bryan F. Kuhne Chris A. Christoff Addmaster (P) Corp. : Calculating machine
  • Patent:USD148458 27.01.1948 Clary, Hugh (P) Robert E. Boyden Clary (P) Multiplier Corp. : Design for a keyboard for calculating machines or similar articles
  • Patent:USRe22947 09.12.1947 Clary, Hugh (P) William H. Petit Clary (P) Multiplier Co. : Multiplying unit

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