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  • Patent:US2339508 18.01.1944 Newell, William (P) Ford Instrument Comp., Inc. : Fire control system
  • Patent:US2403542 03.08.1940 Newell, William (P) : Torpedo data Computer
  • Patent:US2403543 09.07.1946 Newell, William (P) Ford Instrument Comp. : Gunfire control computer
  • Patent:US2412468 10.12.1946 Newell, William (P) : Variable Speed Device
  • Patent:US2438818 05.10.1945 Newell, William (P) und Brown, Lawrence (P) : Triangle Solver
  • Patent:US2540989 06.02.1951 Newell, William (P) : Motion Reproducing Device
  • Patent:US2693709 19.12.1952 Newell, William (P) : Integrator with one Friction Surface
  • Patent:US2817479 24.12.1957 Newell, William (P) H Burgess Jr Edward G Zabb Norman J Sperry Rand (P) : Method and device for predicting values of a fluctuating system at a

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