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White 1969

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1 Bibliographische Daten

Daten*: White, Anthony F. J.: History of calculating devices. Journal, Society of engineers, Vol. 60, 1969, p. 87-107.

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Informationen zu Beveridge, Charles, Triumphator:

"The first Odhner type calculators to be brought into England were imported by Charles Beveridge, of Liverpool, who for several years acted as agent for Odhner in this country. It is interesting to note that one of his employees was Frank Guy, who later became the first person to manufacture this type of machine in Great Britain. Charles Beveridge invented what is known as a visible register. This was a register which showed, at a glance, the setting of the levers of the barrel without having to look at these levers. Beveridge offered his invention to both the Odhner and Brunsviga Companies but neither would incorporate it into their machines; so he and another man, Otto Heer, bought the Brimsmead factory in Leipzig and they manufactured an Odhner type machine but with a visible register. The machine was going to be called the Triumph calculator, but due to legal troubles the name was changed to Triumphator."

Informationen zu Guy, Frank und Britannic:

"We have now reached a stage in history when the world was enveloped in the turmoil of a world war. Apart from the destruction and trouble caused by such a time, it also brought problems in connection with calculating machines. One company, the B.P. and Anglo-Persian Oil Company, was unable to obtain the calculating machines it required, so they made an approach to Frank Guy, who since leaving the company of Charles Beveridge had been working as importer for Mercedes machines, but when the war started, trading with Germany ceased. The B.P. company gave financial backing to Guy, who made for them a copy of the Odhner machine in premises at Wood Green, in North London. This machine was called Britannic and was made primarily for the B.P. and Anglo-Persian Oil Company, but he was free to offer the surplus of his production on general sale."

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