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Patente aus den USA 1909

Patent:US90962112.01.1909S. R. LambCalculating Device
Patent:US91272916.02.1909W. P. QuentellCalculating Machine
Patent:US91312423.02.1909F. I. GoodenowComputing Counter Measure
Patent:US91405602.03.1909C. A. LongwellDiscount Machine
Patent:US91476409.03.1909M. UngerAutomatic Weight and Cost Scale
Patent:US91562016.03.1909G. R. & W. L. MeloneyMilk Weighting Scale
Patent:US91754706.04.1909S. F. Connolly & V. OsbornePlanimeter
Patent:US91817613.04.1909C. & C. A. LoryWater Meter
Patent:US91876620.04.1909J. C. McLelandCalculating Machine
Patent:US92002527.04.1909F. N. ConnetIntegrating Device and Recording Manometer
Patent:US92084004.05.1909A. A. A. Dreyfus & A. H. V. LevyCalculating Machine
Patent:US92246525.05.1909R. H. FennCalculating Device
Patent:US92398108.06.1909J. M. MasonCalculator
Patent:US92425608.06.1909A. J. MeierCalculating Machine
Patent:US92429808.06.1909A. D. WardCalculating Machine
Patent:US92615129.06.1909J. G. VincentAdding Machine
Patent:US92673806.07.1909De Witt C. GrayAdding and Recording Machine
Patent:US92745206.07.1909A. C. CornelisonCalculating Machine
Patent:US93127417.08.1909F. N. ConnetDynamometer
Patent:US93177424.08.1909H. L. E. KruegerMeasuring Instrument
Patent:US93786326.10.1909R. J. RobertsFlexible Slide Rule
Patent:US93855002.11.1909J. BrickenCalculating Machine
Patent:US93922109.11.1909J. M. DalyComputing Machine
Patent:US93922209.11.1909J. M. DalyTonnage Equating Machine
Patent:US94351414.12.1909J. BrickenCalculating Machine
Patent:US94421821.12.1909P. W. SommerCalculating Device
Patent:US94484128.12.1909A. Bollinger & A. &. E. LandryCalculating Machine

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