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From the great encyclopedia of mechanical calculating

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Index: machines

Brunsviga D 18 RBrunsviga D 810Brunsviga F 1010 E
Brunsviga F 89Brunsviga F 89 EBrunsviga G
Brunsviga G 1000 EBrunsviga G 89Brunsviga G 89 E
Brunsviga HBrunsviga JBrunsviga Matador 10 Tasten
Brunsviga MA / MBBrunsviga MDBrunsviga MG
Brunsviga MHBrunsviga MJ, MJIBrunsviga MJR
Brunsviga MRBrunsviga M IIBrunsviga M III
Brunsviga NBrunsviga Nova 10Brunsviga Nova 13
Brunsviga Nova 13 ZGBrunsviga Nova IV aBrunsviga Nova I und II
Brunsviga PJ16Brunsviga S ArithmotypBrunsviga Trinks-Triplex
BunzelBunzel-Delton No.5 mit DoppellinealBunzel-Delton No.7
Bunzel (2)Bunzel (3)Bunzel (4)
Bunzel (Burkhardt) - Prag (1)Bunzel No.10Bunzel No. 8
Burattini RechnerBurkhardt CBurkhardt ETZ
Burkhardt E (1)Burkhardt E (2)Burkhardt G
Burkhardt HBurroughs-Moon-HopkinsBurroughs 91355
Burroughs Calculator (Klasse 5)Burroughs Class 8Burroughs J 209
Burroughs J 522Burroughs J 524Burroughs Serie 1
Calcorex (Maschine)Calcus Adding MachineCBR CBR
Cellatron R 31Cellatron R 44 SMCentigraph
Checkbook AuditorCheck AdderCitizen 210
Citizen 210SCitizen 310Citizen 410
Citizen CA-10Classic 47Classic 50 NE
Columbus AddiatorColumbus RechenmaschineCommodore 202
Compteur LafondComptometer AComptometer B
Comptometer CComptometer FComptometer H
Comptometer JComptometer KComptometer ST
Contex 10Contex 20Contex 30
Contex 55Contex AContex B
Continental-Standard-10Continental 8Continental 9 S
Continental BSR.5292Continental Klasse 100Continental Klasse 200
Continental Pult-SondermaschinenConto AConto B
Conto C

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