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From the great encyclopedia of mechanical calculating

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Index: tables

Wallace 1834Wallace 1844Wallace 1849
Wandner 1837Warmus 1954Weidenbach 1829
Weiskircher 1914Weiskircher 1930Wells 1635
Wells 1637Wells 1714Wenckebach 1843
Wenckebach 1861Wentworth/Hill 1895Wentworth/Smith 1914
Wentworth/Smith 1943Westphal 1821Westrick 1926
Whiting 1806Wiberg 1860Wiberg 1876
Wiedebach 1829Wiedeburg 1725Wiedeburg 1735
Wijdenes/Vliet 1975Wijdenes/Vliet 1979aWijdenes/Vliet 1979b
Wijdenes/Vliet 1987Wijdenes 1937Wijdenes 1958
Wild 1865Willich 1853Winckler 1827
Wingate 1625Wingate 1626Wingate 1628
Wingate 1635Wingate 1648Wing 1651
Wing 1699Winkler 1834Winkler 1839
Witting 1922Wittstein 1846Wittstein 1859
Wittstein 1860Wittstein 1865Wittstein 1866
Wittstein 1868Wittstein 1870Wittstein 1872
Wittstein 1886Wittstein 1896Wittstein 1907
Wittstein 1912Wittstein 1919Wittstein 1935
Wittstein 1943Witt 1957Woerle/Muehlbauer 1966
WolffWolff 1711Wolff 1711b
Wolff 1728Wolff 1742Wolff 1744
Wolff 1765Wolff 1770Wolff 1772
Wolff 1789Wolff 1817Wolff 1819
Woodward 1917Wright 1616Wright 1618
Wunderling/Heise 1980Wylie 1853Yarwood/Castle 1958
Yarwood/Castle 1959Young 1879Zacharias/Meth 1927
Zamminer 1838Zech 1849Zech 1851
Zech 1863Zech 1864Zech 1867
Zech 1910aZech 1910bZimmermann 1691
Zimmermann 1896Zimmermann 1898Zimmermann 1906

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