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Patents  Great Britain  1901

  • Patent:GB190007579 23.05.1901 Cruickshank, James (P) und Smith, Rudolph Charles  (P) : Improvements in Calculating Scales or Slid Rules
  • Patent:GB190010070 31.08.1901 Numerograph Mfg. Comp. : Improvements in Recording and Adding Machines
  • Patent:GB190011414 08.06.1901 Des Jardins, Benjamin Myrrick : Improvements in Calculating or Computing Registers specially applicable to Type-writers
  • Patent:GB190013094 22.06.1901 Urquhart, Ridley James (P), Haack, Paul (P) : Improvements in Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB190013817 15.06.1901 Vermehren, Johannes (P) : Improvements in Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB190019018 27.02.1901 Juliet Hunt : Improvements in Date Calculators or Calendars
  • Patent:GB190023606 27.04.1901 Trinks, Franz (P) Grimme, Natalis u. Co. (P) : Improvements in Mechanism for Registering and Adding Up Figures
  • Patent:GB190101736 11.05.1901 Labofish, Charles Shachon (P) : Improvements in or relating to Calculating Devices Particularly Applicable for Use in Connection with Typewriters
  • Patent:GB190102516 18.05.1901 Proell, Reinhold (P) : Improvements in Calculating Rules or Scales
  • Patent:GB190104011 23.11.1901 Pantsar Keicke : Improvements in Mechanical Adding and Calculating Apparatus
  • Patent:GB190110872 25.05.1901 Trinks, Franz (P) : Improved Means for Controlling and Indicating Excess of Speed or Reciprocating and Rotaing Parts applicable for Calculating Machines, and for other Purposes
  • Patent:GB190112590 07.09.1901 Trinks, Franz (P) : Improvements in Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB190113807 06.07.1901 Pottin, Henry (P) und Moussier, Lucie (P) : Improvements in apparatus for indicating or totalling cash payments

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