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  • Patent:GB109283 30.08.1917 Sinclair, Thomas Charles (P) : Improvements in or relating to Calculating Apparatus for use in Position Finding
  • Patent:GB110984 15.11.1917 Duckham Arthur McDougall : Improvements in Proportional Calculators.
  • Patent:GB125457 24.04.1919 Phillips, George Frederick (P) : Improvements in and relating to Apparatus for Calculating the Ranges of Aircraft from the Observations of Range-finders
  • Patent:GB191413073 27.05.1915 Cashmore, Montague (P) : Improvements in or relating to Proportion Calculators
  • Patent:GB191505158 08.05.1916 Mather, John Cecil (P) : Improvements in Calculating Apparatus
  • Patent:GB191512793 07.09.1916 Harvey, Charles James (P) : Improvements in Devices for Calculating Percentages and the like
  • Patent:GB191513759 08.06.1916 Coddington, Fitzherbert John; Livens, George Henry : Improvements in Proportional Calculators
  • Patent:GB191516876 19.10.1916 Scurfield, George Gouthwaite : Improvements in and relating to Apparatus for or Means of Measuring the Depth of Colour of Various Substances whether Liquid or Solid.
  • Patent:GB199411 22.12.1921 Gray, P. W. Vickers, Ltd. : Improvemts in or Relating to Apparatus for use in the Laying of anti-Aircraft Guns
  • Patent:GB214919 01.05.1924 Reginald Sidney Carr und William Ronald Fountaine Sange : An improved apparatus for calculating percentages
  • Patent:GB275923 12.08.1926 Schneider et Cie : An Improved Apparatus for the Control of Firing against Aerial Targets
  • Patent:GB279996 29.09.1926 Millward, David Henry (P) : A proportional ruler for measuring distances in given proportion to each other from a fixed point
  • Patent:GB283175 24.05.1928 Govare, Harry Paul (P) and Salomon, Francois (P) : Logarithmic apparatus for determining quotients
  • Patent:GB296092 26.08.1927 Leslie, P. R. : Improvements regarding to the Mechanical Computation and Recording of Labour Costs
  • Patent:GB331895 13.02.1929 Henderson, Sir J. B.; Perham, A. L. : Improvements in Apparatus for Sighting and/or Controlling Guns particularly Anti-Aircraft Guns
  • Patent:GB417841 12.10.1934 Wellington, Barrett (P) : Calculating device
  • Patent:GB476834 16.12.1937 Thiboust, Lucien (P) : Improvements in or relating to devices for measuring ratios or quotients
  • Patent:US1163392 07.12.1915 Cashmore, Montague (P) : Proportion Calculator
  • Patent:US1779774 28.10.1930 George Alfred Julius, Francis Julius Awdry : Means for calculating the ratio of variable quantities
  • Patent:US3122314 25.02.1964 Benjamin Graham : Scale-type calculating device
  • Patent:US3139234 30.06.1964 Reyes Dinamarque Remigio : Right-angled triangle as an auxiliary calculating device
  • Patent:US3529135 15.09.1970 R. L. Rienecker : Ratio and Proportion Calculator

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