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  • Patent:GB134558 11.12.1919 Douglas, H. P.; Appleyard, Rollo (P) : Improvements in range finding and like apparatus
  • Patent:GB136179 08.01.1920 Appleyard, Rollo (P) : Apparatus for Calculating Differences in Height Above Sea-level from Barometer Readings
  • Patent:GB136180 08.01.1920 Appleyard, Rollo (P) : Range Calculator
  • Patent:GB136181 08.01.1920 Appleyard, Rollo (P) : Improvements in and relating to Aircraft Air+speed Indicators.
  • Patent:GB136182 08.01.1920 Appleyard, Rollo (P) : Apparatus for Ascertaining the Logarithmic Decrement of Damped
  • Patent:GB136183 08.01.1920 Appleyard, Rollo (P) : Apparatus for Determining the Limiting Angle of Approach of a Vessel
  • Patent:GB490579 17.08.1938 Appleyard, Rollo (P), Arthur Joseph Hughes, Hughes Henry : Improvements in or relating to calculating or computing devices

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