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Brevetto:GB 296092
Titolo:Improvements regarding to the Mechanical Computation and Recording of Labour Costs
Nazione:Gran Bretagna
Persona:Leslie, P. R.
Link interni:Analogrechner, Proportionalrechner, Lohnrechner
Keywords:Lohn, Gehalt, Zeit
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 GB296092 (


Aus der Patentschrift GB296092

"Tabular calculators; multiplying - apparatus. -A device for ascertaining the cost of a job in relation to a particular operative comprises a scale with variable graduations adapted to be set according to any particular rate of payment, means which is moved, or moves, to an extent proportional to the elapsed time, and means for recording the costs determined by the relative movement and the job or other identification numbers. ..." (Aus der Patentschrift)

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