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Brevetto:US 3741470
Titolo:Adding Machine
Luogo:Mitaka (Japan) und Crema ( Italien)
Nazione:Stati Uniti
Persona:Koshi, Ryoichiro (P), Barozzi, Gianpiero (P), Horeschi, Giancarlo (P)
Ditta:Citizen (P) Watch Co.
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 US3741470 ( (espacenet),  US3741470 ( (uspto)



Foreign Application Priority Data
July 6, 1970
Japan................................ 45.158896

An adding machine in which a "1/2" key provided on a key board in addition to numeral setting keys for numeral 0 - 9 and function keys is operatively connected with the numeral setting mechanism for "5" key and a mechanism is provided for automatically selecting a 0-pin depending upon whether the lowest digit position of a numeral set in the machine is "0.0" or "1/2 (0.5)," whereby "0" is automatically added to the numeral set in the machine only when the "1/2" key is not depressed, while "5" is added when the "1/2" key is depressed, and thus the addition or subtraction of numerals is performed with the digit positions of one numeral in accord with those of another numeral.

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