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Brevetti  Canada  1958

  • Patent:CA552128 21.01.1958 Svoboda, Antonin (P) Aritma : Decadic relay adding machine
  • Patent:CA555598 08.04.1958 Lawrence W. Brugman, Raymond F. Koch Comptometer (P) Corp. : Calculating machine
  • Patent:CA556754 29.04.1958 Lehre, Otto (P) Sterling Plastics (P) CO. : Calculating-apparatus
  • Patent:CA560258 15.07.1958 Edgar L. Wurtele : Fuel and mileage calculator for vehicles and the like
  • Patent:CA563896 30.09.1958 Alton G. Snyder NCR (P) National Cash Register Comp. : Calculating machine with automatic repeat mechanism
  • Patent:CA564669 14.10.1958 Hiller, Vernon T.; Martin, Charles L. : Carpenters slope tape
  • Patent:CA565200 28.10.1958 Eugenio Estrems, Ioino Ghertman, Edmond Febvre, Marcel J. Robineau IBM (P) International Business Machines Corp. : Calculating machine
  • Patent:CA567942 23.12.1958 Hans Wiedemann Keuffel and Esser Comp. : Planimeter
  • Patent:CA568285 30.12.1958 Emil C. Walker, jr. Comptometer (P) Corporation : Mechanism for adjusting the resistance to key depressions in calculating machines

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