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Patentdatenbank  Großbritannien  1907

  • Patent:GB190525302 05.03.1907 Arthur James Postans : Improvements in or relating to Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB190605557 07.02.1907 Hanson, Hans (P) : Improvements in or relating to Calculating Apparatus applicable to Typewriters
  • Patent:GB190605631 07.03.1907 Postans, Arthur James (P) : Improvements in or relating to Full-stroke Devices for Calculating Machines or other Mechanism
  • Patent:GB190606717 20.03.1907 Judah Loeb Levin : Improvements in Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB190606748 10.01.1907 Charles Gilbert Hall : An adding and reducing machine
  • Patent:GB190608000 28.03.1907 Goldberg, Hyman Eli (P) : Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB190609487 28.03.1907 Rechnitzer, Alexander (P) : Improvements connected with Calculating and Adding Machines
  • Patent:GB190610459 21.02.1907 Evans-Cross, George William (P) : Improvements in Calculating Appliances more particularly in and relative to Tabular Apparatus and used in conjunction with Slide-rules, Cu
  • Patent:GB190611541 16.05.1907 Georges Isidore Ferdinand Soulage : Improvements in, or connected with adding apparatus applicable to summing the total values of tickets issued by a ticket printing and issuing machine
  • Patent:GB190612084 10.01.1907 Max Eckelmann : New or improved adding-up apparatus
  • Patent:GB190612370 28.02.1907 Janik, Eduard (P) : Improvements in Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB190612728 30.05.1907 NCR (P) : Improvements in or relating to Cash Registers
  • Patent:GB190612959 14.02.1907 Haydock, Richard (P), Lewis, Robert David (P) : Novel or Improved Device for use in Extending a Length of Piping Downwards, such as Adding a Length of Air Pipe during Sinking Operations i
  • Patent:GB190614680 02.05.1907 Roth, Georg (P) : Improvements in Adding Machines
  • Patent:GB190615532 25.04.1907 Rinsche, Frank Charles (P) : Improvements in Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB190616867 21.03.1907 Georges Isidore Ferdinand Soulage : Improvements in machines or apparatus for printing, checking and automatically summing up the values of tickets of different kinds and series
  • Patent:GB190618628 20.08.1907 Burroughs (P) : Improvements in or relating to Electric Driving Attachments for Adding Machines
  • Patent:GB190619008 11.04.1907 Gaither, William (P) Burroughs (P) : Improvements in or relating to Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB190620728 12.09.1907 Burroughs (P) : Improvements in or relating to Adding or Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB190623173 19.09.1907 Salcher, Alois (P) : Improvements in and relating to a Calculating Machine
  • Patent:GB190623241 21.02.1907 Vermehren, Johannes (P) AS Vermehrens Regnemaskiner : Improvements in Calculating Machines and the like
  • Patent:GB190623659 21.03.1907 Trinks, Franz (P) : Improvements in and connected with Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB190626296 14.11.1907 Spitz, Ludwig (P) : Improvements in Calculating-machines
  • Patent:GB190627683 21.11.1907 Alan Philip Ackery Callenders Cable und Construction Comp. : Apparatus for the Calculation of the Correct Size of Cables or Wires used for the Transmission of Electric Power, or for the Solution of Similar Mathematical Problems
  • Patent:GB190628195 14.03.1907 Brust, Fritz (P) : New or Improved Apparatus for Checking Soldiers, Workmen and the like
  • Patent:GB190628610 11.04.1907 Monachimoff, Alexander (P) Monachimoff Alexander : New or Improved Calculating Machine
  • Patent:GB190628686 27.06.1907 Justice Philip Middleton : Improvements in Adding and Recording Machines
  • Patent:GB190629377 08.08.1907 Pöthig, Reinhold, Renner, Paul (P) : Improvements in or relating to Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB190701065 15.01.1907 Coradi, Gottlieb (P) : Planimeter
  • Patent:GB190701666 27.06.1907 Bäuerle, Tobias : Improvements relating to Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB190702083 09.05.1907 Thomas George und Harling, Gustaf (P) : An Improved Apparatus for Calculating the Weight of Cloth
  • Patent:GB190703685 12.12.1907 Pugh, John Vernon (P) : Improvements in and relating to Calculating and the like Devices
  • Patent:GB190703764 14.11.1907 Gorin, Frederick Proctor (P) : Calculating Machine
  • Patent:GB190705779 10.10.1907 Dreyfus, Armand Albert Abraham (P) und Levy, Alfred Henry Victor (P) : A New or Improved Calculating Machine
  • Patent:GB190706272 19.09.1907 Schmoelcke, Julius (P) : Improvements in and relating to Adding Devices
  • Patent:GB190706425 24.10.1907 Giersing Ove Malling : Improvements in Adding Machines
  • Patent:GB190715435 24.10.1907 Cordingley, William George (P) : Improvements in Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB190717161 26.07.1907 Gancher, Abraham (P) Isaac : Improvements in Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB190718218 12.12.1907 Yokota, Seinen (P) : Improved Slide Rule
  • Patent:GB190724516 11.05.1907 MacLaren Cheese Cutting Machine Co. : Improvements in or relating to Cheese Cutting Machines

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