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Patentdatenbank  Großbritannien  1918

  • Patent:GB108313 27.06.1918 Buck, G. B. Tabulating Machine Co : An Improved Machine for Checking or Verifying the Correctness of the Positions of Holes Punched in Record Cards and the like
  • Patent:GB108460 03.01.1918 Boyelle-Morin, Georges (P) : Improvements in Testing or Determining the Hardness of Metals and other Substances
  • Patent:GB112012 19.12.1918 Giot, Henri Louis Victor Desire (P) : Improvements in Stars Transit Calculators and Indicators for Mariners.
  • Patent:GB112274 21.03.1918 Siemens (P) Schuckertwerke Gmbh : Improvements in or relating to Hauling or Winding Machinery.
  • Patent:GB112351 10.01.1918 Addometer Corporation (P) : Improvements in and relating to Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB112416 28.02.1918 Nicole Paul : Improvements in Calculating Apparatus
  • Patent:GB112455 13.06.1918 Printz, Oscar Adolf Kristian (P) : Improvement in Adding Machines
  • Patent:GB112530 17.01.1918 Crutchley Charles Frederick : A New or Improved Implement for Facilitating the Tuning of Pianos,
  • Patent:GB112577 17.01.1918 Boyd, Archibald Edward (P) : An Improved Automatic Counter.
  • Patent:GB112681 24.01.1918 Christie, Robert Arthur : Improvements in Slide Rules.
  • Patent:GB112719 24.01.1918 Dodson Alcada Franklin : Improvements in and relating to Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB112822 28.01.1918 Graham Thomas : Apparatus for Interpreting Stability for the use of Shipmasters.
  • Patent:GB112907 31.01.1918 McKean, John Graves (P) : Improvements in and relating to Apparatus for the Mechanical Solution of Plane Triangles
  • Patent:GB112920 23.01.1918 Hucks, William (P) : Improvements in connection with Apparatus for Aerating or Charging Gas
  • Patent:GB113136 07.02.1918 Wilson, Walter Gordon (P) Metropolitan Carriage Wagon And Finance : Improved Means for Computing the Elevation or Deflection of Guns
  • Patent:GB113178 14.02.1918 Cowey, Leonard Eugene (P) : Improvements in or relating to Distance Registers or Odometers.
  • Patent:GB113670 05.03.1918 Blakey, James William (P) : Improvements in Apparatus for Facilitating the Burling and Mending of
  • Patent:GB113841 08.03.1918 Addometer Corporation (P) : Improvements in and relating to Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB114064 21.03.1918 Thurlow, Albert (P) : Improvements in or connected with Tide Table Apparatus.
  • Patent:GB114073 21.03.1918 Lambert, Walter Odwin Hutton (P) : Improvements in Apparatus for Solving Problems relating to Speed
  • Patent:GB114095 21.03.1918 Ottinger, Nathan (P) : Improvements in or relating to Devices for Measuring Lengths.
  • Patent:GB114321 25.03.1918 Manson Jermiah Leask : Improvements in Calculating Rules
  • Patent:GB115029 11.04.1918 Blaustein, Joseph (P) : Improvements in Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB115090 25.04.1918 Baltisser, Jacob (P) : Improvements in or relating to Calculating Machines, especially Devised for Computations relating to Geodetic Measurements
  • Patent:GB115093 26.04.1918 Higgins, Albert (P) und Cattle, Percy Stanley (P) : Apparatus for Registering the Variable Movements of Parts of Weighing
  • Patent:GB115447 10.05.1918 Banwell, Henry Charles (P) und Phillips, Frederick (P) NCR (P) : Improvements in Autographic Cash Recorders.
  • Patent:GB115981 30.05.1918 Wilfrid Henry Davis John Davis and Son Derby Ltd (P) : Improvements in Slide Rules.
  • Patent:GB116121 23.05.1918 Bentham, Cecil (P) Simon Ltd : Improvements in or connected with Apparatus for Automatically Counting or Registering Packages or Articles whilst in Transit on Conveyors, Elevators or Shoots
  • Patent:GB116243 31.05.1918 Wade, Harold (P) : Improvements in and relating to Keyboard and Zeroising Interlocking-devices for Adding-maschines
  • Patent:GB117278 10.07.1918 Bell, Arthur Mitchell (P) : Improvements in Calculating Apparatus particularly applicable for Problems connected with Textile Trades
  • Patent:GB117316 18.07.1918 Dorer, Primus Otto (P) Smith & Sons Ltd. : Improvements in or relating to Pawl-and-ratchet Mechanism for Odometers and the like
  • Patent:GB117318 18.07.1918 Chew, Albert Charles (P) : Slide Rule
  • Patent:GB117834 29.07.1918 Soper, Herbert Edward (P) : Improvements in the Method of and Means for Compiling Tabular and Statistical Data.
  • Patent:GB117912 31.07.1918 Wade, Harold (P) : Improvements in or relating to the Zeroizing-mechanism of Adding Machines
  • Patent:GB117982 15.08.1918 Crawford, Edward Newton (P) : Improvements in and relating to Computing Yard Measures.
  • Patent:GB117985 15.08.1918 Hollerith, Hermann (P) : Improvements in Tabulating Machines.
  • Patent:GB118137 12.08.1918 Hazel, William Charles (P) : Improvements in Tills adapted especially to Deal with Paper Money.
  • Patent:GB118217 12.08.1918 Hazel, William Charles (P) : Improvements in Cash Registers.
  • Patent:GB118396 29.08.1918 Visconti-Prasca, Giulio (P) : Improvements in Computing Apparatus.
  • Patent:GB118455 29.08.1918 Hollerith, Hermann (P) : Improvements relating to Tabulating Machines.
  • Patent:GB118939 19.09.1918 George, William George (P) : An Area Meter for Measuring the Extent of Ground Cultivated by a Plough
  • Patent:GB118982 19.09.1918 Ridderstad, Carl Fredrik Gustaf (P) : Improvements in or relating to Apparatus for Indicating the Length of the outrunning wire of fishing Smacks
  • Patent:GB119113 26.09.1918 Brown, George Lawton (P) und Wheeler, Arthur Dickinson (P) : Improvements in or relating to Card-index and like Filing Appliances.
  • Patent:GB119255 03.10.1918 Koffskey, George (P) : Improvements in Calculating Instruments for Nautical Astronomy
  • Patent:GB119260 22.09.1918 Brewerton, Arthur Ernest (P) : Improvements in or relating to Apparatus for Indicating Components of Movements
  • Patent:GB119534 04.10.1918 Addometer Corporation (P) : Improvements in and relating to Calculating and like Machines
  • Patent:GB119818 17.10.1918 Printz, Oscar Adolf Kristian (P) : Improvements in Adding Machines
  • Patent:GB120161 31.10.1918 Hordle, Stanley Latour (P) : Trench Mortar Gun-setting Indicator.
  • Patent:GB120247 29.10.1918 Corsellis, Douglas Henry (P) : Improvements in or relating to Calculating Devices for use with Ordnance and Small Arms
  • Patent:GB120630 18.11.1918 Arter, John James Bedney (P) James Cycle Company Ltd : Improvements relating to Ordnance.
  • Patent:GB120696 21.11.1918 Ritter, Sophus Frederik (P) : Improvements in Cash Control or Checking Apparatus.
  • Patent:GB120980 29.11.1918 Eastwood, William (P) : Improvements in or appertaining to Watches, Aneroid Barometers and other dial instruments
  • Patent:GB120985 02.12.1918 Allaun, Charles (P) : A Device or Calculator for Multiplying, Dividing, Adding and Subtracting Integers
  • Patent:GB120999 05.12.1918 Fawssett, Evelyn (P) : Improvements in or relating to Electrical Instruments of the Recording
  • Patent:GB121009 05.12.1918 Banwell, Ernest : A New or Improved Appliance for Calculting Workmens Wages and the like
  • Patent:GB121066 05.12.1918 Buchanan, William Stanhope (P) : Improvements in Slide-rules for Calculating the Weight of Rare Size Sheets of Paper from the Known Weight of Standard Size Sheets of like Thickness or Substance
  • Patent:GB121414 19.12.1918 Mcneil John : Improved Ellipsograph
  • Patent:GB124692 02.01.1918 Wade, H. Burroughs (P) Adding Machine Co : Adding Apparatus
  • Patent:GB124693 02.01.1918 Wade, H. Burroughs (P) Adding Machine Co : Adding Apparatus with Operating Means
  • Patent:GB124694 02.01.1918 Wade, H. Burroughs (P) Adding Machine Co : Type Bar Machines
  • Patent:GB131222 13.12.1918 Courty, R. : Odometer
  • Patent:GB131277 16.08.1918 Lake, C. D. Tabulating Machine Co. : Statistical Machines
  • Patent:GB131584 19.08.1918 Liedstrand, Karl Emil Leonard (P) : Statistics, Compiling and Sorting
  • Patent:GB131902 27.08.1918 Peirce, John Royden (P) : Distributing Machine
  • Patent:GB132018 31.08.1918 Aktiebolaget Svenska Räknemaskiner : Multiplying and Dividing Apparatus
  • Patent:GB132038 05.09.1918 Berner, C. A. O. Telegraph Construction & Maintenance Co. : plane trigonometry calculators
  • Patent:GB132307 01.08.1918 Barry, A. G.; Proudfoot, A. : Computing Scales for Gunnery Calculations
  • Patent:GB133048 26.09.1918 Odhner, Valentin Jakob (P) : Zeroizing Mechanism
  • Patent:GB133682 05.10.1918 Billeter, Max (P); Bohnhorst, O. : Logarithmic Calculators
  • Patent:GB134674 12.12.1918 Wheelwright, J. S. : Improvements in or relating to Apparatus for Determining the Speed and Course of Aircraft
  • Patent:GB134833 05.11.1918 Fabriques des Montres Zenith : Slide Rule
  • Patent:GB135184 09.11.1918 White, R. N. : Tills; Systematic Arrangement for Controlling Sales
  • Patent:GB135195 13.11.1918 Sauvageon, L. : plane trigonometry calculators
  • Patent:GB135490 18.11.1918 Boettcher, A. H. : Sights for use in bomb or mail dropping from aircraft
  • Patent:GB135585 26.11.1918 Gustave Goodwill : Improvements in or relating to instruments for ascertaining the speed of aircraft
  • Patent:GB135671 21.12.1918 Martin, W. H. : Slide Rule
  • Patent:GB145509 19.08.1918 Optische Anstalt Goerz (P) AG : Transfer Mechanism
  • Patent:GB146392 25.02.1918 Ammann, O. : Computing Scales for Gunnery Calculations
  • Patent:GB146545 09.08.1918 Baker, Thomas Yeomans (P) : Navigation machine for determination of position from astronomical observations
  • Patent:GB146893 15.10.1918 Optische-Anstalt C. P.Goerz (P) Akt.-Ges. : Printing Totals and Sub Totals
  • Patent:GB154607 09.09.1918 Krems, O. : Multiplying and Dividing Apparatus
  • Patent:GB154608 18.10.1918 Krems, O. : Multiplying and Dividing Apparatus

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