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Patentdatenbank  Großbritannien  1944

  • Patent:GB558685 17.01.1944 Edward John Riordan Aron Electricity Meter Ltd : Improvements in or relating to course and speed calculating apparatus for use with aeroplanes
  • Patent:GB558787 20.01.1944 W L Maxson Corp : Variable ratio gearing
  • Patent:GB559180 08.02.1944 Everitt, Philip Francis (P), Hughes, Arthur Joseph (P) Henry Hughes and Son Ltd. : Improvements in and relating to apparatus for the solution of triangles
  • Patent:GB559880 09.03.1944 Remington Rand (P) : Improvements in recording and computing machines
  • Patent:GB560021 16.03.1944 Remington Rand (P) Inc. : Improvements in calculating machines
  • Patent:GB560183 23.03.1944 Douglas Wilfred Blackmore Wallace and Tiernan Ltd : Improvements in Slide Rules
  • Patent:GB560706 17.04.1944 May, William James (P) : Improved target locating and course steering means for use in the navigation of bomber and like aircraft
  • Patent:GB560952 28.04.1944 Robert Wayne Byerly : Improvements in apparatus for graphical computation for the solution
  • Patent:GB561358 16.05.1944 George Henry Poole : An improved device for indicating trigonometrical ratios
  • Patent:GB561365 17.05.1944 Cox and Stevens Aircraft Corp : Improvements in or relating to calculating devices for use in solving problems encountered in navigation, particularly in aerial navigation
  • Patent:GB561831 07.06.1944 Hasler S A Manufacture D App T : Improvements in apparatus for the electrical evaluation of linear
  • Patent:GB563285 08.08.1944 Tichauer, Gerhard : Improvements in planimeters
  • Patent:GB564048 11.09.1944 Paillard and Cie Sa E : Improvements in or relating to carriages carrying the paper for typewriters or calculating machines
  • Patent:GB564423 27.09.1944 Frank Reginald Saxby NCR (P) : Improvements in or relating to multiplying machines
  • Patent:GB564520 02.10.1944 Clarence Willans Heath Belling and Lee Ltd : A calculating device for performing industrial quality control calculations
  • Patent:GB565301 06.11.1944 Rupert Lyell Thorpe : An instrument for use in navigation or course-finding
  • Patent:GB565988 07.12.1944 Mirsky Alexander : Improved computing device
  • Patent:GB577251 20.04.1944 Broido, Daniel (P) : reversal mechanism
  • Patent:GB577330 03.02.1944 Broido, Daniel (P) : Calculating-apparatus
  • Patent:GB582052 30.05.1944 Facit (P) : Calculating - apparatus
  • Patent:GB582223 30.05.1944 Facit (P) : Calculating - apparatus

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